The gold standard

Co2 fractional laser

Scars, pore, wrinkles

Skin resurfacing

Lip fillers

Lip augmentation

Volume and sensuality

Lip filler

Reduce signs of ageing


Best solution for wrinkles


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Botox works by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles.

Dermal fillers

The fillers we use in our practice are a new generation of hyaluronic fillers

Rejuvenation with own blood plasma (PRP)

Revitalization is achieved by autologous cellular rejuvenation

Lifting with mesonite

Mesonites represent a revolutionary treatment without invasive surgery

Cool sculpt cryolipolysis

Do you want to permanently eliminate fat without opting for liposuction

King shape body shaping

A beautiful body is a shaped body without fat deposits and cellulite

Hydra Cool treatment

Only 4 steps for a great result through innovative technologies.

EM sculpt muscle training

Have you ever wanted to train and strengthen muscles without strenuous training?

Skinc clinic Split dermalni fileri
Skinc clinic Split dermalni fileri
Skin Clinic Split
Skin Clinic Split

Skinclinic Split

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Our goal is a satisfied and happy client and we are here to fulfill your expectations.

With the desire to provide a comprehensive approach to aesthetics and care for the face and body, we have opened Skin Clinic, a medical aesthetic center. A multidisciplinary approach, the selection of high-quality and effective devices, the introduction of innovations, and well-known brands have distinguished us as a leading center for facial aesthetics, addressing skin issues, and treatments for weight loss and body sculpting.

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